Making languages obsolete, with Keyboards

December 23rd 2020

I was never good with Languages and always wondered why there were so many of them. There are people who learn multiple languages; always thought that was dumb (cause I could not do it). 

My angle was always that if there was only 1 language in the world, it would be so much easier for everyone to understand each other. There would be no wars (the exception would be the UK), and peace and harmony everywhere.

But, politicians in every country have to be "important" and one of THE easiest angle to get mass support is the local language. Irrespective, of the state, the country. Then I came across this video;

If countries continue with teaching kids programming, more will learn English, faster. Hopefully. That was what I always thought.

But, as in the video, many languages have problems. Maybe IT/ Internet use will solve a lot of unforeseen issues, by turning the use of multiple languages, redundant. 

Hopin for a happier world :)