Gentlemen Start Your Engines


Big Red Car here.

After years of being sort of a power commenter, I have finally convinced That Guy to allow me to do a bit of blogging.  You may know That Guy as JLM, a commenter on Fred Wilson’s extraordinary site.

Freddy’s Place is the gold standard of venture capital and business blogging.  Fred is a treasure trove of information and one of the most prolific writers on the web.  Uber successful and as Rudyard Kipling would say — has maintained the common touch.

So here goes nothing.  I am going to start sharing my “musings” with you on a number of different fronts.

Take a look at the What the Hell Do I Know? tab above and you will get a sense of what I think I might muse about.

Be gentle with me dear readers as I am a bit new at this and, hell, I’m just a Big Red Car.

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