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    The uniqueness and functionality of functional fabrics

    Today our topic is: What are the characteristics of functional fabrics?
    led by xiaoshan rongli

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    Sandwich fabrics are recognized by the market

    Hangzhou Xiaoshan Rongli Fabric Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to modern mattress fabrics. The company's sandwich fabrics  are mainly used for fabrics of mattresses, sofas and chairs, as well as fabrics for bags, clothing and other products.
    led by xiaoshan rongli

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    China Plastic Cap Manufacturers Use PC Materials

    PC polycarbonate is one of the most common raw materials in the processing of Pet Preform. It is especially suitable for making plastic bottles and cans. When manufacturing PC, it is completely free of bisphenol A, and its health threat is also small. . H...  more
    led by preform nicole

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    China Mould Application In Medical Treatment

    When manufacturing medical equipment, the requirements for accuracy and quality are very high. Today, many high-quality China mould have been successfully applied in the medical field and are favored by the world for their high quality.

    Here are some of...  more
    led by preform nicole

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    golden machinery

    Zhejiang golden machinery factory is domestic a type of enterprise, advanced enterprises in Zhejiang with total assets of 150 million yuan. Our company has 550 employees, of which more than 145 Flotation Equipment intermediate engineering and technical pe...  more
    led by goldenmachine top

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    The capacity of the paddy cleaner

    When paddy comes into the mill it contains foreign material such as straw, weed seeds, soil and other inert material. If this is not removed prior to hulling the efficiency of the huller and the milling recovery are reduced. Most paddy cleaner separate th...  more
    led by polisher rice

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    About machine
    led by machines kspan