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ANYTH Integrated bridge bottom (shaving) machine

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    May 18, 2020

      Location: China

      Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

      Brands: OEM & ODM

      Certificate: CE,ISO9001

      Model: Customization

      Terms of payment: Negotiation

      Minimum order quantity: 1 Sets

      Price: Consultation

      Packing details: Container

      Delivery time: Negotiation

      Payment method: Negotiation

      ANYTH Integrated bridge bottom (shaving) machine

      This machine is used for bottom shaving or thick stone shaping.

      This machine adopts the bridge structure and the movement mode of the head movement to make the machine agile and the machine precision stable.

      Since the advent of this machine, the waste material of the stone processing enterprise has been turned into wealth, which has greatly reduced the production cost of stone processing enterprises and improved the efficiency.