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It's like fucking riding a roller-coaster using NBA 2K

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    May 13

    Sure, and if Kobe was still living then it would be business as usual, but he isn't and Buy nba 2k20 mt coins there's a huge market for whatever Kobe because of that (look at this thread or the price of Lakers jerseys in match ) now a Kobe pack would always sell well but now it would sell much more, which is profiteering from his passing. That yes some free market theorists would suggest is fine. But at a sane world most would view that as dishonest, especially given the gaming nature of packs.I know demand for Kobe is higher than usual. Feel as long as 2K articles the chances then it's fair game lol. Idk feel as though I am going in circles.

    Seeing as you said:"It's up to the players to decide how much they want to drop." You do not understand why we have laws in this nation against them and what business practices are. LMAO explain to me how 2K has been any more legal up to this point vs the potential release of a GO Kobe package? As a market analyst I understand consumer behavior. The packs will be suffered in by the people with no self control or habits.

    Were you to get Kobe memorabilia around his passing? Sites like Ebay stepped in to stop the price gouging, costs were soaring and you weren't and protecting consumers. If you're a industry analyst you really ought to understand how a person's untimely death can push up demand for things associated with them, and 2K shouldn't be taking advantage of the greater need in any way.

    This ain't the mountain you wan na na die on homie. It's way too soon to capitalize off of the tragedy. Kobe Bryant was my hero along with many others. There's a reason because when celebrities die it's against the law to capitalize from it, 2K dropped the rights to Kobe when he expired. It's not just in bad taste but it's just slimy because folks want to honor his memory.Maybe I am being misunderstood a bit LOL. The game style is a money grab. I guess what I am trying to say is I would rather Kobe maintain packs and equipped to hit the Auction House since I don't have enough time for a crazy long grind to get an Opal.

    People are saying it has additional scummy of 2K to place him but they have put all of the other OP cards. I understand your point a bit better now - I wish I would suggest a solution that will appease everyone, a good Kobe card which not everybody can have, but everybody can if they work for it, or have enough MT to cop it or whatever, but I'm tired of mt for sale 2k20 this speculation it's like fucking riding a roller-coaster using NBA 2K and the poor communication and lack of roll outs that aren't bunch related.