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    PTH can be designed according to customer needs

    In 2018, a Maldivian customer expressed to PTH that he hopes to build a container school in the Maldives.
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    The size of container office is different

    In recent years, as some distinctive companies have designed container offices to bring different layout perfect effects to customers
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    Application fields of light steel housing

    The cold-formed steel structure system used in the new light gauge steel house is a multi-ribbed panel wall system, which is derived from the balsa wood structure.
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    The school is made up of dozens of containers

    At the Paralympic Games held every four years, this special group of athletes break through on the arena, and their hard work has shown us that they have the spirit of challenging life and life more than anyone else.
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    Garden Lights Manufacturers Bring Broad Prospects

    Because of its incomparable advantages, garden lights have attracted the attention of many users. The huge demand for garden lights has made the garden lights manufacturers https://www.nblo...  more
    led by Jia longye

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    The activity room has been promoted nationwide

    There are many advantages of the mobile house, such as high practicability, good cost performance, and strong flexibility.
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    How much do you know about container houses?

    Economical prefab house can be seen on some construction sites, which is more practical and convenient. How to reform the container and what knowledge do you need to know?
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    In Mould Labelsas A "Latecomer"

    As a "latecomer", in mould labels has certain specificity in its...  more
    led by Gete cecil

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    How To Clean A Big Size Freezer

    It is not uncommon for Big Size Freezer to freeze. There are frost freezers and frost-free freezers. If ...  more
    led by bai ling

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    Characteristics Of Cationic Fabric Modification

    Fabrics woven with cationic modified fibers have the following characteristics when dyed with cationic fabric  more
    led by xi xiximin