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ANYTH-3200-2/4 Machine

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    May 31

      Location: China

      Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

      Brands: OEM & ODM

      Certificate: CE,ISO9001

      Model: Customization

      Terms of payment: Negotiation

      Minimum order quantity: 1 Sets

      Price: Consultation

      Packing details: Container

      Delivery time: Negotiation

      Payment method: Negotiation

      ANYTH-3200-2/4 Automatic Special Shapes Profiling Cutting Machine

      The machine automatically tracks the model of the curved (straight) line model through the optical soldering probe, and automatically cuts the stone crafts such as stone lines in the shape of a curved (straight) line with a diamond circular saw blade. The upper and lower lifting and the left and right passes are all frequency-converted. Speed regulation can be adjusted according to the material of the stone. For example, the rotary table can be selected, and the arc-shaped line can be processed. The whole machine adopts PLC programmable control, high degree of automation and high cutting precision. Double-knife design and cutting efficiency High, stable and easy to operate, it is especially suitable for the processing of shaped stones such as lines, arc-shaped lines, Roman columns and large circular arc plates.

      Remarks: The CNC system can be modified to eliminate the trouble of making templates, and the degree of automation and cutting accuracy is higher.