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ANYTH Automatic Polishing Machine For Granite

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    May 27, 2020

    Automatic Polishing Machine For Granite

      1.The fuselage mechanism is more compact: it is smaller than the traditional automatic grinding type, reducing unnecessary space waste!

      2.Higher production efficiency: grinding and throwing and speeding into the board, the daily output can reach 800-1000 square meters!

      3.Grinding and polishing is more attractive: with the right abrasive, the gloss can easily reach 100 degrees!

      4.Low production cost: the diamond cutter head can be quickly loaded into the grinding head without brazing, which not only saves the time of grinding head replacement, but also saves the cost of brazing!

      5.Stable performance of equipment: The main originals are all famous brands, the moving auxiliary guide rail is high-precision linear guide rail, the grinding and polishing pressure is directly driven by the main shaft, and the service life is longer and smoother.

      6.High degree of intelligence: automatic memory function makes it possible to continue the work of the original station after restarting after abnormal stop in the middle, automatic fault alarm and prompt the fault location and solution!

      7.Simple operation: Using the touch screen interface, whether it is parameter setting or equipment abnormal work report, user operators can easily realize man-machine dialogue!