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Dofus server copies and updates

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    Jun 1

    We regularly conduct maintenance on the game servers to buy Kamas Dofus Retro ensure they are functioning properly. While under care, the game host may be unavailable for several hours. Here's an overview of the various current instances. We run a care every Tuesday afternoon on DOFUS and every Wednesday morning on DOFUS Retro.

    Server operation upgrades -- The server program and game information are from time to time updated and replaced with a newer edition. Deployment of spots available from the changelog. During upkeep, our testing staff verifies that developments and stains are functioning correctly. Even when these maintenance operations do not offer new in-game material or fixes visible to players, they enable us to ensure our databases and servers are functioning correctly.

    Therefore, why Tuesday particularly? Just because in case a problem occurs after an upgrade or maintenance surgery, our teams may intervene over the upcoming few days. This also partly explains why, except in rare situations, we avoid performing server maintenance on Friday. It should also be mentioned that Tuesday morning (French time) is when there's the smallest amount of action in terms of players: There's more activity in the evenings and evenings than in the early morning (French time). DOFUS being an international game, you will find players connected at any given time of the day or night.

    In certain instances (updates, fixes for technical problems, etc.), we might be asked to conduct unscheduled maintenance on the game servers. These maintenance operations are declared on Twitter and on the forums, as a top statement on the main page. Even the"Server status" section lets you have a follow-up possible compensations or even more information such as rollback to get example.Sometimes we can not declare it in advance as it is a repair on a crucial bug that needs immediate intervention. We apologize ahead of time for any fights cancelled or playtime missed through these processes, but this kind of maintenance is crucial for your game to run correctly.

    Like Dofus, DOFUS Retro requires weekly care for its servers to stay in good condition, given the activity of those servers. However, this maintenance does not take nearly as long as that done for the classic servers, for several reasons: There are not many spots installed on these servers. There's no new gameplay content included. They're brand new, so there are fewer things to verify and back up. Character transfers do not happen. Testing is seldom done. This explains why maintenance for Retro generally finishes within 15 minutes of dofus kamas echo their servers going offline.