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For optimum dps you do want all those buttons

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    Mar 22

    Query: Switchscape in RuneScape gold end supervisors

    I've seen streamers with like 7 things to change when killing bosses (lots of rings, weapons, etc.) Can you really need that many items to kill high end bosses like AoD or Solak? I truly despise this switching thing since it's annoying even to look at how half of inventory is packed with gear rather than food. If this is needed to become efficent and I'm not asking, I only wish to know without having 6 items to change between, if I can kill supervisors.

    Would this really be the method to transition to full manual rotations, soon I'm going to add ULTs to binds and only have n thres into just fundamentals than change on Revo?

    For optimum dps you do want all those buttons. You should not be using food at all. At solak it easy to use food. You'll have difficulty getting on teams if you attract a bunch of meals and no switches. However, I damn well do not recall 7 item switches. At you'd a Guthans/SGS switch for a while recovery but the manner pvm is now is nothing like what it had been.

    Considering Switchscape just became something over the last 5-6 years (becoming more and more extreme recently as innovation was released). I would say that RS was about intense switches in the vast majority of it's lifetime. Cause something which makes RuneScape game arbitrarily hard doesn't make it great. Switchscape should be a niche and not a necessity and frankly Jagex should look at ways to decrease it given all the feedback.I mean, people can and do move with other people who don't enjoy changing. It's just that the people that you see complaining are those that want where it's agreed upon that switches are necessary, but do not wish to escape their comfort zones and get used to new binds to get onto teams. They want everybody to cheap OSRS gold be brought down rather.