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Introduction Of Basic Copper Chloride Products

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    Jan 15

    product description:

    Product features: high absorption and utilization rate, good copper supplement effect, improving the crop's resistance to disease and stress, making the plant robust, strong green leaf color, smooth fruit surface, good color and high sweetness, increasing the hardness of the fruit and extending the storage period And shelf life, improve quality and increase yield.

    Main use: As a medium element nutrient, it is an ideal raw material for water-soluble fertilizer. Good water solubility, high absorption and utilization of crops; stable chemical properties to avoid antagonism between elements.


    1. Foliar spraying: Basic Copper Chloridecan be quickly dissolved in water, and the foliar spraying effect is better. The appropriate concentration on various crops is 800-2000 times, following the principle of diligence and thin application.

    2. Top soil application: Basic copper chloride can also be used as top soil application or irrigation with water. When the soil is irrigated, the basic copper chloride is diluted 500-1000 times, and the water is applied. Determine the amount of fertilizer used according to the degree of crop deficiencies.