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Atomization Of Copper Powder By Copper Acetate Manufacturers

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    December 18, 2019

    The process of atomizing copper powder is shown below.

    Smelting-atomization-dry reduction (heat treatment) of electrolytic copper block --- crushing --- anti-oxidation treatment ---- screening --- batch finished product

    1, fogging

    There are two types of industrialized atomized copper powder production: gas atomization method and water atomization method. Different production processes have different advantages for different application areas.

    2, recovery

    The reduction process is relatively simple. The reduction temperature is generally 4OO-6O0 ℃ and the time is 60-120min.

    3, broken

    After reduction, the copper powder is lumpy and sometimes severely agglomerated and needs to be broken. However, it must be noted that the crushing method has a great influence on the bulk density of the finished product, and can directly affect the molding performance of the finished product. For an ordinary ball mill, only 15 to 30 minutes of grinding will increase the bulk bulk density from 2.49 g / cm3 to 3.3 g / cm3.

    In order to overcome this problem, a professional crushing device is used. The loose bulk density of the powder is not increased during use. The crushing efficiency is high and the effect is very ideal.

    4, antioxidant treatment

    Rhenium copper powder is susceptible to oxidation due to its own characteristics. After treatment with our own developed oxidant, its antioxidant effect can reach 2 years.


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