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Attention Of Copper Acetate Manufacturers For Product Use

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    December 4, 2019

    Copper acetate, monohydrate is blue-green powdery crystals. When the crystal water is removed at 240 ° C, it is soluble in ethanol and slightly soluble in diethyl ether and glycerol. Used as analytical reagent, chromatographic analysis reagent, and also used as organic synthesis catalyst, paint fast-drying agent, pesticide auxiliary, raw material of enamel pigment, etc.
    Copper acetate monohydrate, and similar rhodium acetate and chromium diacetate adopt a "Chinese lantern" structure. One oxygen atom of each acetate is bonded to one copper atom, the copper-oxygen bond length is 197pm; two water molecules occupy the upper and lower, and the copper-oxygen bond length is 220pm. The distance between two five-coordinated copper atoms is 265pm, which is close to the distance between copper atoms (255pm) in metallic copper. This dimer unit structure of copper acetate monohydrate is mainly bonded by hydrogen bonding in the crystal. Other small molecular ligands such as dioxane, pyridines and anilines can replace the water molecules in the dimer.
    The two copper atoms interact with each other. At room temperature, the magnetic moment is 1.40BM, but decreases with decreasing temperature (such as 0.36BM at 93K). At 253K, the magnetic susceptibility exhibits a maximum value. From this, the adjacent The exchange between copper atoms is 286 cm-1, indicating that the copper atoms in the dimer are bonded by a weak covalent bond. Because the spin directions are oppositely offset, copper acetate monohydrate is essentially diamagnetic, and this structure has made an important contribution to the development of modern antiferromagnetic coupling theory.
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