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Background Technology Of Basic Copper Chloride

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    November 27, 2019

    Copper plays an important role in maintaining the body's normal metabolism and immunity. Feeding tests have shown that the addition of high copper to the feed can increase the daily weight gain, feed intake and feed efficiency of the animal, and it can promote growth. At present, the material used as the copper source in feed is mainly copper sulfate. Its biggest advantage is its low price. However, the large use of copper sulfate will cause other serious problems. On the one hand, due to the high solubility of copper sulfate, the large amount of copper sulfate increases the pollution to the environment. What is more serious is that Cu "in feed is very easy to be reduced, and this reduction reaction will destroy the vitamins in the additives. In addition, because copper sulfate easily absorbs water and agglomerates, it will corrode processing equipment during feed production and processing. Chinese Patent Document No. discloses a Basic Copper Chloride feed additive and a preparation method thereof. As a new copper source feed additive, basic copper chloride is water-soluble compared to conventional copper sources such as copper sulfate. Low, redox power, no damage to the nutritional content of feed, etc., can better increase the value of feed utilization. This patent document also discloses the use of outsourced copper sulfate, table salt and hydrochloric acid as raw materials for basic chlorine Copper production method. The production method has certain advantages in terms of process operation, cost, and environmental friendliness, but there is still much room for improvement.