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Choose PT Pipe Fabrications for All Your Pipe Fabrication Needs

  • November 29, 2017

    If you are in search of a firm providing pipe fabrication services, then PT Pipe Fabrications is the perfect place for you. PT Pipe Fabrications is one of the leading pipe fabrication firms that provide services globally to clients from many industries including manufacturing, building service and process industries. Pipe fabrication is an important process that is used in many manufacturing firms and industries and PT Pipe Fabrications provides you top quality services for fulfilling all your pipe industrial needs.

    Below listed are the services provided by them:

    · Stainless steel pipe work fabrication

    · Carbon steel pipework fabrication

    · Vessel Fabrication

    · Fabricated frameworks or skids

    · Pipe fabrication for dairy firms

    · General Fabrication

    Apart from these services, they also provide pipe fabrication of high-grade stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and low temperature carbon steel. One can find their fabricated pipework worldwide in many food-processing industries, pharmaceutical plants, breweries, paper mills, water treatment industries, power stations and many other manufacturing plants. Moreover, their pipework fabrication services are suitable for many applications such as transporting finished products, transporting raw materials and for metal pipework for gas and oil industries.

    The manufacturing process at PT Pipe Fabrications begins with isometric drawings that are either given by the client or released by their drawing office, these are then given to the pipe fabricators who are responsible for checking and fabricating pipes. These pre fabricated spools are then given to the welders, which are welded, the Pipe welding is then documented on drawings with the identification of the welder to make the tracing process easy. The final spools are then given for testing and quality checked to ensure that they are made according to the client’s specifications. The completed pipe spools are then coated and numbered accordingly, which makes the site operatives aware of the installation and end results of every section of the pipework that is fabricated.

    Finally, the quality assurance team checks the pipework to ensure that everything has been done as per the specifications provided from the client’s end. The final product along with NDT reports, isometric drawings are loaded for transporting them to the client.

    PT Pipe Fabrications strictly adheres to the health and safety compliances to ensure that their employees and workers at all levels work under utmost care and safety. So visit them today to avail some of the best pipe fabrication services.

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