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Basic Copper Chloride Disposal Precautions

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    November 13, 2019

    Basic information of Basic Copper Chloride
    Chinese name: copper oxychloride
    English name: copper chloride oxide
    Chinese alias: basic copper chloride
    English alias: Copper (II) Oxychloride; Cupric oxychloride; Copper oxychloride; Cupric oxide chloride; copper(2+) dichloride; copper(2+) chloride hydroxide (2:1:3); copper(2+) chloride hydroxide; dicuprous Chloride trihydroxide
    CAS number: 1332-40-7; 1332-65-6
    Molecular formula: H3ClCu2O3
    Molecular weight: 213.5681

    Disposal of basic copper chloride
    Waste properties: hazardous waste
    Disposal methods: treatment and neutralization in sewage treatment plants. Reuse the container or bury it in a prescribed location.
    Disposal considerations: Refer to national and local regulations before disposal.