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Different Culture of Water Pipe

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    Mar 15

    The shisha originally originated in India in the thirteenth century and became popular in the Middle East in the sixteenth century. glass bong kit The original hookah smoking set includes a cigarette bottle, a pipe, an air valve, a kettle body, a tobacco pan, a tobacco bay, etc., and is composed of a coconut shell and a diabolo tube, and is mainly used for smoking old-fashioned black tobacco.

    In the Middle East, especially in Turkey and Iran during the Ottoman period, the shisha was once regarded as the "princess and snake of dance" glass bong incycler and later it gradually spread to the Arab countries, becoming a common way for folks to smoke tobacco.

    It was introduced to China during the Ming Dynasty, and later produced Lanzhou hookah and Shaanxi hookah. However, due to the shrinking market, it has almost disappeared until the Qing Dynasty gradually reappears. glass bong ice catcher At that time, snuff bottles, dry smoke, hookahs and smoke were popular. The snuff bottle is the favorite of the literati, and the dry smoke is popular with ordinary people. The hookah is a symbol of the status of the aristocrat. The hookah was very productive at the time and the style was varied.

    With the continuous advancement of the times and the development of society, the function of smoking accessories for hookahs has gradually disappeared, becoming a kind of art for people to enjoy and collect. glass bong hookah More and more people in the world regard hookah as a collection hobby.