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Professional Pet Preform Manufacturers Is Worth Choosing

  • January 4, 2019

    When making Pet Preforms, manufacturers can choose from three different methods: extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, and stretch blow molding. In this article, we will explain the difference between blow molding and injection molding.

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    One of the most striking differences between plastics for injection molding and blow molding is injection molding to make solid plastics, such as lids, and blow molding to make hollow plastics, such as plastic bottles. If you need a product made up of rigid walls, then injection molding is your choice.

    What is a blow molded container like? They are flexible, structural, and can hold fluids. In addition to bottles, blow molding is also used to make industrial parts such as coolers, fuel tanks and stadium seats.

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    As you may have guessed, the actual process is different from blow molding. By injection molding, the molten resin is injected into the hollow mold until it is completely filled. The molds are then held together under high pressure so that each part of the interior will be filled with a high pressure molten plastic resin.

    By blow molding, the plastic tube is heated and filled with air until it essentially becomes a hot plastic balloon. This is called a parison. The mold is then clamped around the parison to capture the plastic while the air continues to fill the parison into the desired shape.

    Different types of molds are used depending on the process. The injection mold has a high-precision match between the two halves of the mold, so the material flow can be perfectly controlled. Manufacturing molds is about 90% of the battle for injection molding. Once you have a well-crafted mold, the rest of the process is very routine.

    The blow mold design has more freedom between the two halves of the mold because the two halves themselves form very well. The mold is only 50% of the blow molding. Variables such as wall thinning, air leaks, flashes, and streaks must be controlled.

    What is a blow molded container and an injection molded container? Hope this helps you distinguish between the two. Blow molding is used to make hollow objects, while injection molding is used to make solids. What you choose will depend on the expected outcome of your product.

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