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Jilian Mold Brings You More Advanced China Pet Bottle

  • October 21, 2018

    Designing and manufacturing custom injection molded Pet Preform Mould is a fairly complex process. Although this effort has some fairly obvious components, there are some less obvious aspects that need to be considered and refined. Let's take a look at the most important projects to consider before entering the injection mold design process.
    Defining physical attributes
    The physical characteristics of custom molded parts must be defined at the beginning of the process. Critical to the strength, stiffness, impact resistance, electrical problems, wear/scratches, and the need for flame retardancy.
    Take some time to consider the type of chemical exposure that a custom molded part will experience. If it cannot withstand such strict exposure, the design must be modified. Consider the temperature and humidity that the part will withstand. If it does not work when the temperature and humidity rise, the design of the part must change. Extensive temperature failure analysis was performed prior to the production of injection mold designs. Additional environmental considerations include stress cracking, UV-defined failure color, and performance/material degradation due to wear.
    Develop reasonable cost targets. You must accurately calculate the production cost of the product. In addition, the price of the product being sold should also be determined.
    Aesthetic attention
    Although practicality is the most important consideration in the design of injection molds, the appearance of the parts is also important. Think about what you want the surface to look like. The color and decoration of the part should be selected before starting production.
    Compliance issue
    Consider compliance issues before starting production. Parts must meet regulatory and agency standards.
    Consider the origin of the project
    Take some time to define the origin of the project. The subtlety of the injection mold design process is whether it is a new project design, new product, new application, metal-to-plastic conversion or a new product designed to replace alternative materials.
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