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You can get a Dead Tree seed out of Wyson the Gardner

  • Jun 8

    Pay/Buy Servant - If you have sufficient Guild Coins you can pay your servant for OSRS gold his services or purchase one from Ardounge. Buy materials - You can buy materials (planks, nails, gold leaves etc.) to your guild together with the coins. But only from NPC shops. Guild Coins are untradable so that you can't exchange them to any player and you can not purchase the stuff. These materials with ( c ) after their name are untradable and may only be utilised in your guild. So you can not rely on them in your normal POH.

    You can get a Dead Tree seed out of Wyson the Gardner in Falador for 500,000gp or out of any Revenant drop. You are able to get Gnome Glueworms by learning the hunting procedure from the gnome King Narnode for 1,000gp. You need level 35 Hunting to catch them and you can grab them in the Tree Gnome Stronghold swamp with no tools.

    If you do not possess the mandatory Crafting level then bring the materials to Master Crafter in the crafting guild.Clan member entrance fees can only be equal to the lowest entrance fee. Should they agree to 962 coins to enter. . .you can simply shell out 962 coins, no more and no less. Well you are/should be thinking something like that....What if RWT's just put an entrance fee of 50-100k and get 1 winner. You see I just thought of that. The max entry fee, exactly like in the duel arena, will be set. The max will be 5k each individual. This will restrict the amount of buy RuneScape Mobile gold winnings one person can earn.