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The RuneScape will tell you that you're wearing no symbol

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    Jun 7

    When it starts cracking guards willl dash and ivan will barely hold them off you might almost die with just a bronze pickaxe, as it will be slow.when that you are finished you will wake up outside the agility pyrimid and ivan will tele you along with him to the airplane summoner 2007 RS Items. Using the limestone schmatics you will have the ability to smith a stand with your limestone bricks. Nowadays you have to find a few offerings. You must go to the searching expert for aid (the one that sells capes.) She will tell you about the godly beast.they will lead you to proffeser oddenstein. He will agree to let you use his brand new invention, the kingdom diffuser. You will be ttransported into an alternet draynor with warning. Everywhere else is only a muddy area you cant acess. Make your way to the manor, which appears similar but the tone is even darker.

    It will ber demanding bu you need to chase the godly beast. Use your butterfly net to catch its own soul. Here's what the monster looks like godlybestdg1.png if you bring it into ivan he says that even more offering is demanded. You have to get a godly fish. You have to go to ned, that reveals he knows a lot about big fish catching. He'll create a throwing harpoon for you. It will get stormy and murphy will operate in the cottage and lock the door. You will be attack by sea guys (goblin liek individuals ) and have to fight them off before a giant fish arrives you will have to fish it.

    It's tricky to fish it can damage you and stop needing you to fight more sea guys. Finally after you catch it return to ivan he will state he need 20 mil for prices. Then gives you yet another task, receive a powerful summoning scroll out of pikupstix. As soon as you perform pikupstix will create it to you.

    He suggest you make some unique potions to fight the kingdom you are entering. He directs you to jatix who'll tell you he needs reddish dye, 4 unicorn horns, and 8k ashes, (could be noted) he'll then produce god relam potions that will help.when you reunite ivan claims that you open the portal together with the scroll use oyur prayer to guide where you want to go and make a fire to activate the portal site, (any log will probably do). You input a cutscene, however you are separated form ivan Buy Old School RS Gold. Then you look over to discover that saradomin and zamorak are battle for days and tat there combat casued the devastation of sacrestis.