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Players don't completely sell NBA 2K21

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    Jun 1

    Of course you have to be legend to have extra badges, always possess the boost, play the teammates, grind the hotspots. It requires a bit of work to have the ability to shoot a non-shooting build. Where in the post did I say"I can't shoot"? I am serious. Please tell me. I really don't have a shooting construct NBA 2K21 MT Coins, but with a 73 3 pointer I can shoot frequently that is a problem. One additional dude commented that a 70 3 pointer resembles Westbrook type shooting, as we understand Westbrook is not Ray Allen from three, so a center with shooting ratings in the 60s damn should not either.

    If you agree only being able on hiding behind screens to create an off crime makes NBA 2K21 better I can not take your opinion seriously. And as for you calling me sour. Is 70, and like another dude it that low because I perform with randoms. That means I've lost 30 percent of NBA 2K21s I've played. Why would not if this really was a rant about losing one game I rant about these other games. Much like most of NBA 2K21 in general intimidator is HOF is inconsistent a great deal of glass locks can attest, even on. I'm not saying y’all gotta agree 100% but are legitimate, and not just meant to gain me.

    Quick suggestion for anyone buying this gen that is 2K21, now more than ever it is very important to save as much VC possible! It doesn't matter if you purchase the special version of 2K21 this gen, or when you purchase this gen to the version and are uncertain if your going to receive 2K21 following gen. Save save save them VC! Why? This way you can have more than enough to start off strong and in full force when 2K21 comes out in next gen! Because even if you buy legend edition, you may get 100k VC. This isn't sufficient AT ALL to fully max out your player next gen.

    Even if you purchase the regular edition, and don't have any plans to buy next gen. Who understands come Christmas time your head will change or you might discover that you got a next gen console. So when gen strikes and you start your 2K21 up. You can be in two situation. Or you can be in the circumstance where you saved up 200k or even 300k to max a build and give of the animation that is suitable to it. Heck might even create two builds! While everyone else that just waited for the next gen are now spending effort and some time attempting to acquire sufficient vc to max out their participant MT for sale 2K21. You finally have that edge the gate off!