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    May 18

    Everything that's good about the demo, assuming it translates into the retail version, would be so much better in a match that had a more fleshed-out franchise mode. Imagine racking up stats using a defensive lineman employing the new mechanisms, or breaking records with running backs because of the Mut 22 coins, and making game-winning throws because it's possible to get passes off you could not before, but you are doing it all into a franchise style which felt like a travel, and an immersive adventure. It's really hard to quantify how much more appreciative fans could be of those new elements.

    Some of those heritage Madden issues continue to be an issue. There are animations for each one of the different sorts of collisions that happen in soccer. We have these immersion breakers throughout the gameplay. In years past, those shortcomings were so much simpler to look past because at the very least, Madden gave you an opportunity to play via a franchise style that felt fun and deep.

    That is why the gameplay deficiencies are a little easier to absorb in NBA 2K, and to a lesser level, MLB The Show (which has the best gameplay of this three), because the game offers enough depth in its own modes that offers incentive to look past immersion breakers--as long as they aren't too egregious. Regrettably, Madden's additional improvements are muffled, and its own shortcomings amplified by the lack of a franchise style experience. Hence, the #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag still has validity that is major.

    I really don't believe next gen graphics are gont be good as we all thought. My understanding (and I am very far from educated about this) is next gen gaming will be more about enhanced lighting, faster load times, and larger/more comprehensive worlds. The game Controller performed PC is a fantastic example, since it utilizes ray tracing pretty effectively. I just started playing although some facial animations are weird, the ecological graphics are fairly awesome, and the light is pretty cool. But yea I am not expecting much modification with Madden, unfortunately. Hopefully I'm wrong though, I had been expecting EA would take this opportunity to completely overhaul the match cus it needs it imo.

    At a minimum, the franchise mode ought to be benefiting. Surely they have enough memory to print the team name for the group the player played for on their stat card for their previous seasons? I dont get Madden 11 for ps3 needed this. Madden 17 and 20 on my dont have it. Makes 0 feel. That would involve work my friend, and EA are not doing any of that unless it's got the words"Ultimate Team" inside.

    They will be, but sports games are already electricity with good graphics. Lighting/shadows, physics (both gameplay and cosmetic associated ), crowd and arena textures probably have the most potential improvement allowed by the graphics power. Player faces and textures can have more information, but I doubt this is going to buy Madden 22 coins for many people. But this kind of substance requires changes by the devs. The game runs in 1080/1440p 60fps. It's not like it is a game.