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Dialogue is only half the equation there however

  • May 14

    Dialogue is only half the equation there however. I believe that it's equally as significant that the villagers don't do just as much. They do not play as many mini-games. They don't see your house anymore or program times to fulfill. They do not visit as many areas because there are fewer in this sport.

    Adding Brewster's Café to Animal Crossing: New Horizons won't make up for all that's lacking in characterization by itself, but they need to add more actions that flesh from the'lifetime' of their villagers. You need to begin somewhere. It's not just about wether they express preferences or perspective, but also they can do enough verbs they appear to have culture and lives.

    Plus, 80% of the reason to visit Brewster's Café is dialog. The villagers express their distinctive preferences in drink, around that you form a relationship together. They then share unique blurbs about their day-to-day life. That's conversation and characterization.

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