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The 2K routine every year

  • May 3

    The 2K routine every year - have Mike wang discuss features and NBA 2K21 MT how good they are for every day until launch. All features and game launches are broken or non balanced and Mike wang goes off the radar. It's the same game but shit is tweaked by them. They know the shit they could patch in 2K20. But they wait until 2K21 say look at this brand new game and comes around. We changing and are currently patching intimidator badge! The participant base pops Champaign bottles cuz they think it's a game that is brand new. When in fact this shit should of been patched week two of new and innovative ideas and 2K20 launching should be implemented to the game that was NEW.

    Every time that I feel like people people are waking up to greedy ways, I assess their sales and they are always selling well. I told me I was not going to purchase 2k20 and that I would have never played with it had it. I wish more folks could hold out that the issues are addressed by 2k.

    The unfortunate thing is it's the only basketball game on the market, and Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins people are buying it because they love basketball. 2k would really pull their finger out and make a NBA 2K21 game we can really appreciate. I ai not gonna buy the gen 2k21, I'm not gonna spend $140 Australian to have a NBA 2K21 match for two months that is barely altered and then move to next gen all to begin over again.