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This works. However, it does nothing to encourage parity

  • Apr 28

    Cheesing is something. We all know this. Even the YouTubers across the Atlantic were doing this and as such, the disciples accepted this approach as gospel and propagated it hard. Lower your general by giving each of the moments to low level players and control with your one or NBA 2K MT two beasts such as Giannis or Kareem.

    This works. However, it does nothing to encourage parity and equity for the opponent who's legitimately conducting an all-ruby/amethyst/diamond lineup since he only started and this is exactly what he can manage. And he won't be able to manage or even striving for more than this, because the first-time somebody in Dublin conducts him up with GO Giannis and blows through his entire team, he's not likely to get an update to his rubies, amethysts and diamonds... he is going to go play The Last Of Us II and delete NBA 2K20.

    For offline drama, among the most frustrating things is pressing on the button for a timeout and needing to view all the animation and trainers on the benches etc, when all you're doing is hoping to immediately move your players exhaustion' from 64 to 70. There should be an alternative for an instantaneous timeout that immediately raises endurance and gets the man prepared to inbound the ball at less than 2 seconds. Tell us what we need to do to get Player X to acquire Takeover Y. The guesswork should not be a part of Buy 2K MT it. If I have to boost his SWB to XX to get Slasher Takeover, I should know this, not need to experiment. If I need him to be Sharpshooter, what do I need to receive his 3 point feature to? If I need him to become Lockdown what's the plan? Stop keeping this a secret!