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Oh yeah, that is certainly the case

  • Jan 2

    Yep. Agree 100% that the game feels incomplete as it is. I know Nintendo have stated that they'll be releasing updates for Animal Crossing Bells two decades or so, but frankly that is too slow for most players.At this stage I'm beginning to think they purposely withheld content so they could add it later. How else would they know that they have"two years" value of content to add?

    Oh yeah, that is certainly the case. And it is annoying many players because the content they are withholding was available in previous games and staples of their franchise (it sounds odd to make us wait 1-2 years for Brewster, for example). They obviously want to milk this sport for so long as they can (even more so now that it has become a massive victory thanks to Covid).

    Exactly! We haven't even gotten any actual new content aside from... pumpkins? Every update so far has only been incorporating things from past matches. While it's wonderful to have updates to pull me back to the match it would be even nicer to include new characters/events/furniture we haven't seen before.I thought it was just coincidental that the match was released during lock down. I really don't know what to believe

    There is a lot of things missing but a ton of improvements too. Nowadays, I am not really surprised when a new software (like games) fail to include features of their previous iterations. The missing places I can understand using the frequent updates and it seems to follow the Animal crossing mobile game version, but things like: villagers going in and outside houses, asking to See your house, hide-and-seek type miniature games, arbitrary actions like kicking around buy Animal Crossing Items a soccer ball are thing that gave villagers lifetime