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But either way I am so excited

  • December 20, 2020

    You can!! On ACNH website they stated that pumpkin begins will be available from Lief year round!!! And Animal Crossing Bells accessible at Nook's Cranny through October!! That is great to hear, thanks very much.Friendship ended with oranges, now my best friend is using pumpkinsJust a caution though, will they rise annually or just be available all year? Like with the shrubs you can buy them from season but they will not flower.Probably available all year, or they would be publishing anything else for southern players to farm in october

    There are numerous vegetables being inserted in the game codes, would not be amazed seasonal veggies will be introduced/playable in the upcoming updates.I'm not sure. The website didn't say. Just said they'd be accessible from Lief year old:)No problem! I wish they would clarify! But either way I am so excited ! And I think this opens up a lot of possibilities for other farming items later on!

    Goodbye watermelon beach balls on the floor! You've served me well.If you would like your garden to appear more varied, you could probably still keep some watermelons mixed in.I didn't even think of the, I just used custom decals on the floor lol.I'm just so pleased to see farming eventually added in. It's a beginning to what might be a huge feature.As somebody who invested way too long playing FarmVille, I am a little scared

    Just pick one tree that drops themshake it for full drops, pick all up, shake the tree for complete drops (15 things on ground total both sides of tree), repeat until you have all you want I've gotten max 14 pinecones or acorns out of one tree like this. Takes time but drops aren't small or limited in this game, it's just not moving on ASAP following the initial 8 things fall.This is the way I do it as well, and I just move until I get a full stack. They'll provide them infinitely but I feel the drop rate is about 10%. I understand right? They're gonna remain up all the time also on my island lmao

    Was just in the other thread about waiting for this update when my Twitter telling came through. Really excited for Cheap Animal Crossing Items the newest skin/eye colors and the pumpkin DIYs seem great! Super excited. Music is fine and spoopy also