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How Copper Acetate Manufacturers Use Products

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    Sep 16

    There are many factors that affect the choice and use of fishery medicines. It is necessary to distinguish between different situations and rationally select and use fishery medicines to ensure the effect of the medicine.

    Copper Acetate Manufacturers encounters the influence of many factors such as the drug itself, the body, the method of administration, and the environment during the medication process. These factors not only affect the strength of the drug, but sometimes even affect the nature of the drug, resulting in toxic and harmful substances and harmful substances. effect.

    Fish body factors

    Generally, most drugs have similar effects on various fishes, but due to the different anatomical structures, physiological functions, biochemical characteristics and evolutionary degrees of various fishes, there are certain differences in the sensitivity to the same drug. The response of fish of different ages to the same drug is very different. Juvenile fish are generally more sensitive to drugs. In addition to weight factors, this is also due to low active enzymes in the juveniles, or poor liver and kidney function development. The ability to transform drugs is weak, and it is easy to cause toxic reactions.

    When factors such as age and weight are basically the same, individual individuals of the same species of fish have special sensitivity and tolerance to drugs. Various pathological factors can change the normal transformation and operation of drugs in a healthy body, and affect the effects of drugs.

    Drug factors

    The chemical structure and physicochemical properties of the drug, including drug stability, pH, dissociation, and certain physical properties such as solubility, volatility, and adsorption, will affect the role of the drug.

    Dose refers to the dosage of the drug. The greater the dose within a certain range, the stronger the effect, but more than a certain dose will cause the effect of the drug to change from quantitative to qualitative, causing fish poisoning or even death.

    Dosage form refers to the physical shape. There are usually powders, liquids, injections, tablets and other types. Among them, oral powders and spills are the most commonly used. The corresponding dosage form should be selected according to the nature of different control objects and drugs.

    The method of administration or route of administration will also affect the effect of the drug. Generally speaking, the preparation and dosage form determine the method of administration. Different administration methods mainly affect the absorption of the drug, the amount of absorption and the concentration of the drug in the blood of fish. Determine the effect of the drug and the speed of the action; individual drugs will also affect the nature of the drug's action due to the different methods of administration.

    The time and frequency of administration is also a major factor that affects the effect of Copper Acetate. Many drugs can be used at an appropriate time to improve the efficacy of the drug; the frequency of medication depends on the needs of the disease and the nature of the drug.