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ANYTH-M7 CNC Edge Grinder with Second Change Wheel

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    Jul 23

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    ANYTH-M7 CNC Edge Grinder with Second Change Wheel

    1. Mainly solve the problem that the home decoration side line is small and the construction period is short, and the traditional machine can not be completed on time! ! !
      2. When the conventional machine replaces the grinding wheel, the unloading wheel and the opposite wheel can be loaded for one to two hours, and slow for half a day or even one day. Only professionals can operate and are easily "technapped".
      3.Second change grinding head CNC edge grinding machine: When replacing the grinding wheel, the wheel is unloaded and the wheel is only needed for a few seconds. After the first adjustment, the N wheel is used without the need for the wheel. The operation principle is simple and can be learned in 10 minutes.
      4. The traditional machine, equipped with a set of wheel grinding 10 meters, 20 meters are not willing to grind, mainly afraid of changing the wheel, loading the wheel, the wheel, just grinding and then unloading the wheel, the time is completely wasted in the loading wheel, the wheel, the unloading Above the wheel.
      5. Seconds change the machine and solve all these problems in a few seconds, which really helped the company to “save money (cost) and increase gold (performance)”