Elon Musk will be the worlds first Trillionaire

March 14th 2021

Tesla will be more or less his pass time/ hobby. He can, potentially, be controlling all communications in a few years. 

Starlink's potential is unimaginably massive. Iridium tried and failed and there were few more. But, none of them had their own rockets and Musk has reusable rockets!

He can set up his own internet where there can be no editing, by any government! He can get democracy to China! All that is needed is a simple video on \"how to enable Starlink internet on your mobile device\". Or, he could spy on every1 in the world. Maybe even, record all government employees and upload their \"work\" in real-time on a new website :)

The net worth of the biggest carriers/ ISPs in every country + all military communication spend + all ocean carriers; will surely dwarf Tesla.