Crappy marketing ideas will never end


Marketing is about efficiency. You need to do your research before you invest in anything.

But when it comes to marketing, there are some ideas that are just really bad, and yet they still survive. This is because marketing is about being creative, emotional, and strategic.

In the marketing world, there is always competition. There are companies that have better marketing strategies and there are those that have worse. And this is not about the brands but about the people who do these marketing campaigns. Those who don't have a great idea or those ideas do not work well enough will still be able to run their campaign and try to make money from it.

The problem is that it becomes a cycle of creating crappy ideas which makes them more popular because they are cheap and everyone can afford to use them, but then they become less popular as they don't work as well as other campaigns with better ideas. Since the world is “more connected”, the cheap get replaced by companies that “body shop” or just dumb, cheaper guys. We will never run out of truly, insanely crappy ideas.