Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson says Nicky wants a ‘picture postcard’ life with Daniel

Nicky starts to think living with Daniel and Bertie could be exactly what she needs.

May 19th 2022

Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson says Nicky wants a ‘picture postcard’ life with Daniel
Nicky and Daniel in Corrie
Nicky wants that ‘pre-made, packaged family’, Kimberly reveals (Picture: ITV)

Former sex worker Nicky Wheatley (Kimberly Hart-Simpson)’s world has come crashing down on Coronation Street recently, as Max (Paddy Bever)’s actions have led to her losing her job and her home.

But as Daniel (Rob Mallard) offers her the lifeline of moving into his flat with her daughter Maisie (Lucia Aliu), Kimberly Hart-Simpson revealed to us that Nicky realises that she’s fallen for him and the security he represents.

‘It’s that pre-made, packaged family,’ she says. ‘We’ve got to remember that Nicky has been deprived of that family picture, that thing that we’re all striving for that we all believe we deserve, which is love and companionship and security. She looks at it, and right now it looks like a postcard and she wants that destination, that’s what she sees. Whether he’s the right person for her or not, I don’t know! But he’s the closest thing she’s had to it in absolute years and years and years and of course she’s going to go for that, of course she will naturally want to gravitate towards that.’

Kimberly thinks there’s a specific turning point, when Nicky realises her feelings towards Daniel have changed. ‘I think it’s just that she’s sat with him in this home, and it flows, the routine flows, it feels nice, Maisie is happy, she’s enjoying it and she thinks, “Maybe this could work.” I like that it is all just in that moment,’ she says.

Of course the risk of opening up about her feelings is high for Nicky, as Daniel is in a relationship with Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) so there’s a strong chance she could be rejected. Kimberly says this would be tough for Nicky to deal with.

‘It’s not just about losing Daniel, it’s about losing the picture postcard again as well. It’s just the whole scenario. She’s going to be homeless, she’ll have no home, Maisie’s life will be interrupted again, it feels good to be next to him so she’s going to lose that feeling, and she’s still got no job. So the stakes are bigger than love, it’s the picture as well. But of course she’s not just using him for that, that’s not the case at all, she genuinely has feelings for Daniel.’

But does he feel the same?

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