Basics of Video Marketing

May 4th 2021

Video marketing is the use of videos to promote and sell your product or service. It is an excellent way to increase engagement on your digital channels (such as social networks), educate your customers and reach audiences through the audiovisual format.

But why should you focus on video marketing now? Although it is not the only reason, in recent years there has been a fairly high increase in the popularity of videos as a format to consume content.

Video rose to the top of the list of marketing strategies a few years ago. It was previously considered by creative teams as one of the many elements that should be paid attention to when implementing strategies. All this with a special interest in production resources, always very expensive, and without much analysis or strategy to show the final contents.

Few years ago, that changed: the video became a complete marketing strategy. There is no need to consider it as one of the elements of a campaign. Today, the audiovisual format will have to be something produced by all the teams of a company, from all possible perspectives: from discussions, concrete actions to different proposals for measuring the impact on the business.

Extract from the Book, Basics of Digital Marketing;